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That Guy™ (The Original Anal Whore ®)

Change is good, Rick!

Rick Kosick

You're absolutely right!

John Fowler

Hey Rick, dropping by and saying congrats on getting your new website up and running! I do remember you telling me on FB so thought I would take a look for myself and I have enjoyed having a look round.

Thank you for sharing your own little world with the rest of us.
Keep up the great work!


John UK

Rick Kosick

Thanks for taking the time and checking out my new site...

suzi smith

Looking forward to reading your posts.

Malandra Nowell

I find your personal website easy to view, Rick. Have you ever thought of having your archives as the cover? I've seen a few personal websites that make use of that design arrangement. Personally, I find it neater – not that I find your website to be untidy or cluttered, though. Just a thought. :] By the way, congratulations on that gruesome zombie picture! It worked on me. LOL

Staci Burruel

The picture of the guy wearing a magician's hat reminds me of Terry Crews; he looks like he can be a good comedian. Anyway, Malandra's right, Rick. Your new website is easy to navigate. I guess that is because one only needs to scroll down to view the pictures. By the way, you’ve really got a great collection of photos there. Looking forward to seeing more!

Lesli Dyson

Your website is magnificent! The fact that you can easily control it is already a great feat. This means that you can immediately feed your website with fresh details – and web visitors just love that. By the way, great shots! Congratulations!

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